Kullman reflects on Evart’s volleyball season

EVART —  Kristin Kullman is among the seniors who has played her final volleyball game for the Wildcats and will be looking to start the basketball season after Thanksgiving.

Kullman said after a recent game that the Wildcats made progress, but at various times, it wasn’t enough to translate into a victory on the court.

The Wildcats had a strong performance against Mesick and also at McBain’s tournament, Kullman recalled, plus a win over Crossroads.

“Being aggressive and putting the ball down,” were the keys for the Wildcats in those matches, Kullman noted.

In her senior season, Kullman had plenty of duties for the Wildcats, including hitting.

“I’m hitting the ball harder than most years,” she said.

Kullman and Tabby Turley were the only returning seniors for Evart. The younger players were “catching on, but their confidence still wasn’t there,” Kullman indicated.

The key in games, Kullman pointed out, was to be confident and not let down.

Evart played in the HIghland Conference tournament and then lost to McBain in a first-round Class C district game.