Kris Griffin 'excited' to be new Reed City athletic director

New job: Kris Griffin is Reed City's new athletic director. (Herald Review/John Raffel)
New job: Kris Griffin is Reed City’s new athletic director. (Herald Review/John Raffel)

REED CITY — Kris Griffin took over the duties of Reed City athletic director in late July and has been extremely busy ever since then.

“I was born and raised in Reed City and the joke has always been that I bleed red and black,” Griffin said. “Our family is very committed to Reed City sports evidenced by our constant involvement in many programs. This position somewhat feels natural, a little overwhelming right now, but I’m very excited about it.”

Griffin replaces Monty Price who is now high school principal. She also is Dean of Students.

“Monty was considered assistant principal but I have other duties in the district,” she said. “I supervise the special ed. and other things as well.”

Griffin was assistant principal at the elementary school and worked with the special ed. program. She’s been in the district for 17 years. She was also alternative education principal and did a lot of social work when she was first at the district.

“This is the only building I haven ‘t worked in,” Griffin said, while sitting in the AD’s office at the high school. I’ve worked in every other building in the entire district, but not this one.”

Griffin is a Reed City native and graduated from the high school in 1982. Her maiden named is Scharlow.

Her husband, Dave Griffin, is the technology director in the school district. Her son, Zack, is also on the football coaching staff.

Griffin said the arrangement for her to become athletic director was “mutual” during the process of filling administrative positions.

“I’ve always had kind of a passion for athletics,” she said. “I worked with Monty in the past for football, game managing while he was coaching. You’ll see us pretty much at every sporting event for years.”

Griffin said among the challenges coming up for the athletic department involves expansion of the Central State Activities Association. Reed City will be in a seven-team division consisting also of Big Rapids, Central Montcalm, Chippewa Hills, Grant, Newaygo and Tri County.

“It’s a matter of getting to know everybody,” she said. “I went to the meeting at MHSAA for new ADs. I’m really excited about it. I know there will be some long nights.”

Game management, scheduling and hiring officials will be among her main duties along with coaches’ hiring and evaluating.

“It’s nice to have Monty here. He’s still helping me learn lots of things,” Griffin smiled. “He’s a yell away.”