Koopman reflects on 10-11 season

REED CITY — Reed City's girls basketball team was coming off a district championship season, but realized there would be challenges this year with a team that only had one senior.

When the dust settled, the Coyotes were 10-11.

"As a coach you always want to do better and sometimes you think you should do better," Koopman said. "We were young. We brought in five kids from last year's team. We graduated five senors and four of them played a lot. The younger players, it took them some time to get going.

"Four of our losses this year came against teams that had big kids. There was Pine River, Cadillac, Fremont. Big Rapids had Jayla Strickland. We just didn't have any bigs in the interior. Injuries hurt us this year. We lost Alyssa Olds a little bit. She didn't play in 3 1/2 conference games for us. All of those things added up for us."

Olds was injured prior to the district tournament.

"That killed us," Koopman said. "She's the type of kid that brings a lot of energy offensively and defensively for us. Early in the year we were attacking and scoring and later on during season, we didn't score as well. We only averaged 39 points a game and that hurt us later in the season. Defensively, I thought we played well."

Meghan Borst is the only senior on this year's team.

"We have to sit down and do more player development work and develop their skills, especially the post players," Koopman said. “Overall, it wasn't a bad season, but there's some games we left out there that we could have won. Injuries and being young kind of hurt us.

"There's a lot of positive things to look forward to next year."