Kehr enjoys first and last season of varsity football

REED CITY — Adam Kehr is now focusing on his senior wrestling season at Reed City.

But he’s coming off a banner football season in which he garnered second-team honors in the Central State Activities Association. Kehr, a senior nose guard, had 52 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and two fumble recoveries, plus three tackles for loss.

Kehr played two seasons on the junior varsity, decided not to play last fall and came back this year.

“All the guys on there, I like hanging out with them,” he said.

On JV, he was a linebacker and tight end. He recalls that assistant coach Scott Shankel figured nose guard would be a good spot for Kehr.

“It took me a couple of weeks,” Kehr said, referring to his adjustment to the position. “I didn’t start until week 2. All summer time, I was working at it.”

As a nose guard, “you’re going head to head, one way or the other, and are going to hit someone no matter what,” he said, noting it was the first time he played the position. “I got used to it. It was (being able) to work hard and get off your blocks.”

Kehr blocked a punt that Chad Samuels returned for a touchdown against Hesperia. It was his first blocked punt.

“I was going for it,” he said. “I’m free to go and try to block it.”

He said his performance against Lakeview may have been his best game, along with Newaygo.

Reed City went 10-0 before losing 22-20 to Muskegon Oakridge in the district finals.

“We played as hard as we could and things didn’t go our way,” Kehr said.

It was still a fun season. He figures that transferring from nose guard to a wrestler will be a natural transition.