Gostlin sparked Evart softball attack

Kate Gostlin



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EVART – No one was more excited than Kate Gostlin over Evart’s trip to Michigan State in the state finals

No one has contributed to Evart’s state runner-up season more than Kate Gostlin.

The Wildcats edged Kalkaska 3-1 in a quarterfinal on Tuesday to earn the softball team’s first ever trip to the state finals. They lost 3-2 to Millington in the title game.

Gostlin is a sophomore but has been among Evart’s top hitters. She had a 27-game hitting streak end in late May at the Reed City Crossroads Invitational.

She had a strong season last year as a freshman. She’s been batting above .500 this season.

“But I worked all winter,” Gostlin said. “I took a year off of basketball. It helped me with my batting. Sometimes I miss it but my mechanics are down. I hit over and over and over again.”

She’s had key hits all season. But home runs over the fence in back-to-back games were extremely memorable.

“The key is to not overdo it,” Gostlin said. “If you over do it, it’s not going to work.”

Gostlin has been the catcher for the Wildcats.

“I just started catching after the first game of the season because our catcher got hurt and coach said ‘we need to catch,” Gostlin said. “I had never done it before. I catch both games and every game. It’s tough to know if they’re going to hit it or not when you’re behind the plate.”

Defensively, Gostlin has kept herself in front of the ball and she threw three runners out.

Last year’s squad went to the regional finals but Gostlin had a good feeling about this team going into the postseason.

“I think we might be better this year,” Gostlin said. “We have a better team bonding. We’re closer this year.”

Gostlin also plays volleyball but said softball is her favorite sport. She plays a lot of travel summer softball.


Favorite food: Chicken alfredo

Favorite subject in school: Gym and English

Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers

Favorite activity outside of sports: Hanging out with friends

Career ambition: Athletic training