Junior cornerback sparking Pine River during playoff season


LEROY — Tyler Wing has been helping the Pine River team in getting the job done this football season.

Wing is in his junior season as a starting defensive cornerback and has also served as backup quarterback.

He was among the new faces on this year’s team, but felt the transition took place effectively.

“It took two games tops probably to get into it,” Wing said. “The speed was a lot faster. Sitting out last year (had an impact).”

He had knee injury in the scrimmage which forced him to miss his entire sophomore season. He was out for a few months and able to play the second half of the basketball season.

“It was terribly frustrating,” Wing recalled. “I was on the field most of the time, but then watching everyone play and I was unable to, I hated that. That was horrible.”

But he came back in August where he was back at 100 percent.

Wing had two interceptions during the regular season against Lake City and Evart in a pair of Pine River victories. Interceptions in high school football don’t occur very often and those were special moments for Wing.

“That’s a win for the defense no matter what,” he said.

He’s been happy with the team’s pass coverage so far this season.

“We started off in cover 3 which was good in some aspects,” he said. “Cover 1 is a lot better. We’ve been exceling in cover 1. The corners have outside guys and the rovers have the inside wing or the back the comes out.”

Wing and the other pass defenders for the Bucks have been effective in staying with the receivers.

During the regular season, the win against Lake City was among the Bucks’ best defensive games, Wing indicated.

“Toward the second quarter, we could have gotten down on ourselves,” Wing said. “We picked it up and we exceled.”

Pine River was 3-6 last year, but is 7-3 now and plays at Sanford Meridian Friday for the Division 6 district title.

“It’s been teamwork,” Wing said.”We have to stick together and can’t be falling apart. We’ve been thinking about playoffs since day 1. That was one of our goals to be a playoff team. It’s going to be big for our community as well.”