Jones having impressive rushing season for Reed City



REED CITY -- Reed City junior running back Noah Jones is expected to play a large role for the Coyotes high-scoring offensive attack that has produced 50 points or greater four times this season.

After five games, Jones is a touchdown shy of double digits for the season with nine and was approaching 1,000 rushing yards with no signs of slowing down.

He said working hard in practice with the offensive line and his fellow running backs has been essential when it comes to Friday night.

Over the course of the season, Jones said the team has started to gel more and more.

"We started out kind of shaky because we'd never played together before," Jones said. "As (the season) went on we got really close. The blocking and running started to come together and we got a feel for everybody."

In fact, Jones credits a lot of his success to the efforts put forth by his teammates, especially those sacrificing their bodies and laying out blocks so he can scoot by and score.

Jones never lets any good football deed go unnoticed and said he always recognizes the extra effort put forth by the other 10 guys alongside himself in the huddle.

"After the touchdown or the big run or whatever it is, I always go up to (my teammate) and congratulate him and give him props and pat him on the helmet," Jones said.

Even though he has consistently found the end zone, Jones said the rush of scoring six will never get old.

"Every time it's a new thrill," Jones said. "It's like the best feeling in the world."