It's all basketball right now for Aiden Storz

Senior is getting the job done in major way for Coyotes

Reed City's Aiden Storz (left) tries to hang onto the ball in action earlier this season.

Reed City's Aiden Storz (left) tries to hang onto the ball in action earlier this season.

John Raffel

REED CITY – Aiden Storz has been playing extremely well lately in recent games for Reed City and that’s bad news for upcoming Coyote opponents.

Reed City is 4-3 and has been getting scoring punch and other contributions lately from Storz.

It’s Storz’ second varsity basketball season.

“We had a pretty successful season,” Storz said. “We could have won more than we did. I had a limited role last year. But this year I should play a lot more.”

It’s proven to be the case.

“l’ll be attacking, shooting, being a good defender,” Storz said. “I’m a good defender and I can take the ball off the dribble pretty well.”

The Coyotes overall “should be a great defending team and attack the basket pretty well,” Storz said. “We  have good perimeter shooters. The sky’s the limit. We could win 18 to 19 games. The key is playing together and not losing our concentration.”

He was also a key player for the football team which reached the state semifinals.

“We had a pretty good run but came up a point short,” he said of RC’s 13-12 loss in the state semifinals and missed a trip to Ford Field in Detroit. “It would have been a  great experience.”

The preseason was a rather short one but the Coyotes have still been able to hold their own. But Storz said it didn’t take long for the Coyotes to get into basketball mode.

“After having three coaches in as many years and a long run in the football playoffs, it might take sometime for us to develop our chemistry,” Reed Citry coach Brennan Walsh said in preseason comments. “I expect that we will improve throughout the year and will play our best at the end of the season, when it matters the most.

“Our boys showed during football how tough they were. They understand the sacrifice it takes to prepare and win as a team.”