Inhoff eyes strong season for Evart baseball in various positions

EVART  — Plenty will be expected on the Evart baseball team from Chris Imhoff this season, and the Wildcat senior is hoping to deliver.

Evart played Tri County in a rain-shortened game in late March before entering spring break.

Inhoff has been with the varsity since starting halfway through his freshman season.

“We’ve been shaky the last couple to three years,” he said. “We’re starting to play some (good) ball.”

Imhoff and his teammates were able to put in some summer baseball during the offseason.The Wildcats returned from spring break next week for home games on April 12 with Reed City and April 16 with Charlevoix. The Highland Conference season opens April 25 with Manton.

Imhoff will play catcher and third base and will occasionally pitch.

Catcher is probably his most comfortable position, Imhoff indicated.

“I have a good arm,” he said, adding at third base, “I’m used to blocking balls and making sure it doesn’t get through.”

As a pitcher, “I’m not really fast, but I’m working on my offspeed pitches,” he said. “I can hit the plate wherever I need to hit it. I just have to work around people.”

Imhoff batted .422 last season.

“It was matter of keeping composure and not getting nervous about being behind in the count, and keeping your head up, your eye on the ball and drive through it,” he said. “I’m looking to improve everything I have about batting and try to get higher and higher and shoot for the roof.”

The Wildcats hope to improve on their six-win mark from last year. The key will be cutting down on defensive mistakes, Imhoff said.

“We’re a little slow on hitting but the further we get into the games, the futher it comes out,” he said.