Imhoff coming off strong football season

EVART — Evart sports teams are gearing up for winter sports activities, but it’s still a time when football squads are coming off awards banquets and can reflect on their recently completed seasons.

Senior Chris Imhoff is among the multi-sports athletes focusing on upcoming seasons. But he’s coming off a stellar senior campaign in football.

The Wildcats were 4-5 during the regular season and 1-4 in the Highland. Its only win was a big one 17-7 over perennial state power Beal City, which lost its only conference game to the Wildcats.

The Highland Conference gave Imhoff its top honor on defense. The first team included Chris Imhoff at linebacker.

Imhoff had 86 tackles, two sacks and a fumble recovery. “He was our defensive captain,” Craven said.

Imhoff had a big game in the season finale win over Baldwin.

“We have good attacks (in the eighth week) against (Tri-Unity Christian) and (Baldwin) had the same exact kind of defense so we attacked it in the middle,” Imhoff said, adding that defensively, “we played hard-nose ball. We shut them down and didn’t let them inside.”

Evart was 2-7 in Imhoff’s junior year.

“We didn’t expect much more than what we expected last season,” he said. “We had our ups and downs. There’s no reason we should be 4-5. We didn’t play to our full potential in some of the games when we should have.”

But the Wildcats definitely played to their potential against Beal City.

“We executed everything we needed to do,” Imhoff said. “We listened to our coaches, played hard-nose ball and got to it.”

Imhoff went from guard to fullback this season.

“It was a dream come true,” he said. “I had to make it happen and so I gave it everything I had. My brother and dad were fullbacks. It runs in the blood.They gave me what they had when they were in high school and put it to work.”

Evart had a strong defensive season.

“We had a good linebacking crew, a good secondary and our line got hard-nosed,” Imhoff said.