'I'm just one of the guys'

REED CITY —  Taylor Cutler had quite an offseason in wrestling.

The Reed City junior wouldn’t mind having a fine winter season for the Coyote wrestling team.

In early November, she was in Pennsylvania for a two-day preseason national tournament on Team Michigan in the Pocono Rumble in Stroudsburg and took first after going undefeated at 137.

Cutler, who wrestles on the Reed City boys team, also qualified for the girl nationals in May.

“You go to a bunch of girl tournaments and they ask you to be a part of Team Michigan to go to the national tournament which was in May,” she said. “We go to Oklahoma City and we got first. The coaches scout you out while you’re wrestling for (Team Michigan) and you wrestle for War of the Roses and USA Wrestling.”

Cutler placed seventh at Oklahoma City as a wrestler last March and received All-American honors. She’s been on Team Michigan one year.

Cutler later went to NUWAY (National United Wrestling Association for Youth) nationals and took first for the title.

“Last year was the first year I started wrestling only girls,” she said. “I went with my uncles (Steven and Rodney Cutler) as my coaches. We started going to small tournaments, then we started going to bigger ones.”

Cutler wrestled at 135 for the Reed City boys varsity team last year.

“I wrestled in boys since I was four,” she said. “I started in MYWAY (Michigan Youth Wrestling Association).”

She has won various matches in boys wrestling.

Cutler said she wrestles all year. Her goals for the 2015-16 boys season are high.

“I want to cut to (125) and go to state,” she said.

Cutler has played football since the eighth grade including the 2015 football season. This was her first varsity season. She played tight end and defensive line. She’s hoping for more playing time next season.

Right now, wrestling is her main focus.

Wrestling girls compared to boys “most of the time is a lot easier,” Cutler said. “But there’s a lot of girls out there that give you a good challenge. Boys are tougher. It’s nicer to wrestle girls because you win more. But I have beaten a lot of guys.

Throws are among Cutler’s strengths as a wrestler.

Cutler said she’s been able to fit in well with boy wrestlers.

“You go through football season and a lot of the guys wrestle too,” she said. “I’m just one of the guys basically.”

Winning nationals last season has been Cutler’s proudest achievement.

Reed City coach Roger Steig said his program usually has at least one girl wrestler almost every year.

“The biggest thing Taylor has going for her is her stamina,” Steig said.