Hunters share their deer success stories

Saturday, Nov. 17, was the third day of the firearm deer season for area hunters. But that afternoon provided a moment an area hunter won’t forget for sometime.

Bob Pinsch, 67, of Hersey, used one shot from his 30.06 to bag an 8-point buck with 16-inch rack span Saturday afternoon on his property.

Pinsch had been hunting before this.

”I let two other bucks go,” he said. “A 4-point and a 6-pointer because I knew this one was in the neighborhood. l And I was hunting him.”

“I’d be out early in the morning before daybreak,” Pinsch said. “I just waited for him to come through. I  had deer there all the time, does all the time. I saw a couple of bucks. I saw him once before. I waited him out, lucked out and got him.”

Pinsch said the buck was 150 yards away when he shot him.

“He went right down,” Pinsch said. “I shot him right through the heart.”

Pinsch said he’s been hunting for 50 years.

“This is the nicest 8-point I’ve ever shot,” he said. ‘I’m happy. I might try again. There’s quite a few...I’ve seen a lot. You just have to wait them out. that’s deer hunting. One minute they’re there and the next minute they’re gone or vice-versa. You don’t see the or then you blink and they’re there.”

On opening day Thursday, Nov. 15, Chris Holsworth of Paris shot a 10-point buck with 22-inch rack span while hunting in the Rodney area.

It’s the biggest buck he’s shot with the previous best one being a 7-point with 17-inch spread.

“I haven’t seen this buck,” Holsworth said. “He came out chasing a doe and came out of the cedar swamp. I spun around. He was behind me, about 100 yards. He stopped. I took a shot. He ran about 50 yards and laid down. I didn’t know he was that big.”

When Holsworth came up to the deer after making the shot, he realized what his prize was.

“It was excitement,” he smiled. “I’ve been bow hunting for a month and I’ve seen other nice bucks.. It was cold. Weather conditions are good. No wind.”

It was the first deer she saw all morning.

To share the story of how you got your deer, bring your trophy buck to the Pioneer office at 115 South Michigan Ave. in Big Rapids during office hours only.