Hunters set for beagle competition

EVART — Small game hunting season starts Sunday and local sportsmen will be having beagles competition over the weekend.

Rick Aube, a deer and rabbit hunter who lives in rural Evart, said the gathering of Progressive Pack will be at Sylvan Township Hall Saturday.

“We meet at 7, cast out and do a little competition,” he said, adding that it continues on Sunday. “We register our dogs. There’s guys who have taken tests and judge the dogs. They go into the field and chase these dogs around and score them.

“It’s a bunch of guys who get together and have some competition.”

Local hunting enthusiast and dog owner Andy Eichelberger is running this year’s event, Aube noted.

“Some of these guys will run in this competition regardless of if the season is opening or not,” Aube said, referring to the small game opener. “It’s a chance to get together and see what other guys are doing with their dogs.”