Hog Hunters hits eye mark with Rose Lake tourney

LEROY – They’re called Hog Hunters but they fish for bass.

The Hog Hunters bass fishing club, which includes a heavy amount of Osceola County anglers, had its most recent tourney Wednesday at Rose Lake.

The tournament, like the others, started at 6 p.m. and ended three hours later.

Les Sharp and Mike Engles of Cadillac were in the boat that caught the biggest bass at 4 1/4 pounds. “About four weeks ago, we were here and didn’t get one,” he said.

Ben Pullen of Marion and Garry McKinley of Cadillac were among the teams fishing Wednesday. They’ve been in the tournaments that stretch from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Pullen has been in 11 this year. They picked up three “small” ones on Wednesday.

“It’s convenient, It’s only three hours during the middle of the week,” he said.

Don Ruppert of Osceola County caught three legal-sized fish and a small pike.

“I work on most Wednesdays so I’ve probably fished this four times,” said Ruppert. “We caught eight pounds one night between three fish.”

Ruppert fished in the boat of Brad Cox of LeRoy, who runs the Hog Hunters. “We won one a couple of years ago on Chippewa Lake,” he said, adding that Wednesday at Rose Lake, “It was pretty slow. There’s a lot of activity on this lake. There’s a bass in here.”

Ruppert said a four-pounder has been the biggest fish he’s caught.

“It’s nice to get out and be with your friends,” he said.

Mark Carzych of Tustin was in a boat that picked up 10 pounds of fish.

“I’ve been in everyone they’ve had,” said Carzych, who has been in the tourney for seven years. “It gets you out of the house on Wednesday. They were slow. You had to work for them. We had the biggest fish the first week. The key was working hard today.”

Spencer Kuhn caught the best combined weight of seven fish at 10.467 pounds.

There were close to 18 boats in Wednesday’s event. They’ll be at Lake Missaukee next week to close the season.