Hersey woman remains diehard angler


HERSEY — Avid Osceola County fisherman Bill Maxfield knows of probably one other person who might be as passionate about fishing than himself: his wife Tammi.

She was Tammi Worthy prior to her marriage and now lives with her husband in rural Hersey. She grew up in the Diamond Lake area. The daughter of avid fisherman Phil Worthy, she doesn’t quite remember when she started fishing.

“It was pretty much right after we started the first lesson, we learned that if you catch them, you clean them,” Maxfield said. “My brother and I pretty much in the summer time lived by the lake. We were either swimming or fishing, We used to sit down in the evening on the dock and bullhead fish after dark.”

One memorable catch she won’t soon forget was a 23-inch smallmouth on Lake Ann up by Interlochen. She also brought in a 36-inch pike on her tip-up at Pogy Lake.

“My dad and I used to fish in here quite a bit,” Maxfield said.

Nowadays, during the warmer weather, she enjoys fishing at Haymarsh Lake and Jensen Lake.

“Those would have to be my two favorites,” Maxfield said. “I’m a bass person, mostly. Pretty much, it’s whatever bites. I do gill fishing and pike fishing.”

She’s like many fishermen who like going after bass because of the fight they encounter with that species.

“Pike are pretty good too,” Maxfield said. “They get down in the weeds and they get stuck. It’s a matter of trying to get them out of there and get them in the boat. But with the teeth, you try not to get your line chomped off in the process.”

More so than her husband, Tammi likes winter fishing.

“I ice fish as much as I can,” she said. “This last winter was really bad. It was cold with a lot of snow and ice. I went out early December at Haymarsh. That’s where we usually start out in the winter Haymarsh. The fishing wasn’t too bad. Then I went out later in the spring in early March, maybe, and you couldn’t even get a bite.

“We went back over this spring and we did catch the nice big gills. You can catch the big huge ones. I caught those and there were bass biting. There’s still fish in there.”

Maxfield said she’d like to try a fly-in trip to a lodge in Canada.

“I used to work with a girl and she and her husband went, and she said it was just wonderful,” Maxfield said.

She likes to fish for fun but has picked up plenty of experience.

“I do river fishing, I’ve done sucker fishing in Scottville, salmon fishing and steelhead fishing,” Maxfield said. “I don’t feel I’m particularly that good in catching them in the river. I’m better with the lakes.”

Maxfield also participates in the rifle deer hunting season.

“It seems like there’s quite a few until it gets to deer season,” she said. “This last year, there were quite a few. The year before, I actually got a nice big doe. She was huge. “