Hersey hunter bags 9-pointer while hunting west of Big Rapids

HERSEY — Joe Fullmer was among the successful deer hunters this fall, bagging his buck the last Sunday of the firearm season on Nov. 24.

Fullmer, 48, of Hersey, was hunting west of Big Rapids on Woodward Avenue during the afternoon when he used one shot from his 30.06 to down a 9-point buck with 16-inch rack span. He said it’s the third deer of his lifetime that he’s shot. He was hunting on private property.

“Usually there’s three or four guys in our hunting camps,” he said. “This year, there were just three of us.”

Fullmer recalls that he was sitting when a couple of does walked out and were sitting about 75 yards away from his hunting shack.

“They were milling around looking for acorns,” Fullmer said. “I was sitting there watching them for 10 minutes. All of a sudden, I could see this deer walking up and I could tell when I first saw it, it was a pretty nice deer. I watched him for 10 minutes and he finally gave me a shot. He ran about 30 yards into the woods. I got up and found him.”

Fullmer estimates he was 75 yards away when he shot it. It’s the first buck he’s ever shot.

“I’ve been hunting quite a few years, off and on, over the last 10 to 15 years,” he said. “My dad would take me out when we were younger. When I got older, I got interested in going out by myself. The property I’m hunting on, they asked me to come out and hunt with them about three years ago. They’ll do quality deer management. You can’t shoot anything less than six points.

“I’ve gotten a few does out there. It’s the first time I had a chance to shoot a nice deer. I was pretty excited. Last year, one guy shot a nice eight-point. Year before that, another guy got a six point. That was the first buck I’ve seen out there this year. It was slower than the year before but every day, I was seeing a few deer.”

His son had previously shot a doe out there.

“It was pretty cold,” Fullmer recalled. “It had been windy the day before.”