Hensel sparks RC at libero

REED CITY – She’s a libero for the Reed City volleyball squad and that means that senior Kalee Hensel is doing the job in the passing department.

Hensel recalls having open gyms and tournaments during the summer to work on the sport. It’s her third varsity season.

Last year, “I thought I did a lot better because I went to libero,” Hensel said. “I want to keep getting better in that.”

Hensel said she’s trying to make sure she’s in control of her passes.

“I really want to toughen up my serve and have a little bit of top spin on it,” she said.

The Coyotes opened the season Saturday at Alma.

“I think we’re going to be very strong,” Hensel said. “We have pretty much the same team back. We’ll be strong at hitting and we should be pretty good at blocking. Our serve receive should be good.”

In the Central State Activities Association, “Morley Stanwood will be tough but I think we’ll have a shot this year,” Hensel said. “We get along well off the court. We’re good friends.”

Practices are about only about 10 days before the first game in comparison to a sport like basketball which has a longer preseason.

“We’ve been going all summer,” Hensel said. “We’ve been treating those as practices. We’ve been taking things very seriously. We want to do well this year.”