Griffin enjoys big moment in his varsity football debut

EVART — Evart’s football team will be counting a lot on sophomores like Danny Griffin this season.

Griffin, a wide receiver and defensive back for the Wildcats, is one of four sophomores on a team with just 17 players. But he and his teammates got out to a fast start with a season-opening win over White Cloud last month.

In the second half, he snagged an 18-yard touchdown pass from another sophomore, quarterback Trevin Ladd, falling to his back while letting go of the ball but catching it again as he fell on the grass.

“I was excited,” Griffin said. “I tipped it and caught it. We did pretty good. We were solid.”

The Wildcats won, 25-3.

“I think we did pretty good as a team,” Griffin said. “We struggled a little bit but we came through.”

With only 17 players, it’s critical, Griffin acknowledged, for his team to play a full 48 minutes.

“We have to get in shape,” he said, adding that speed and capable hands have been among his strengths as a receiver. “My catching, I want to be more focused on that.”

Ladd, making his varsity debut, threw for 130 yards.

“He really shocked me,” Griffin said. “(He’s a) sophomore QB.”

Evart has gone 0-3 since the season opener. Evart was 7-3 last season.

“We have a lot of potential,” Griffin said. “We could do good.”