Griffin confident as he enters junior season for Evart

EVART — Evart has almost its full lineup back from last boys basketball season, a factor that excites players like junior Danny Griffin.

Griffin is back for his second varsity campaign. The Wildcats opened their season Monday with a 64-44 win over Montabella.

“Basically it’s been a lot of running and going through the offense,” Griffin said shortly after the team started practices on Nov. 16.

From a team standpoint, Griffin had been hoping for a better 2014-15 season.

“We didn’t have a strong season, we have to do better,” he said. “But we’re older this season.”

Griffin and his teammates had an active summer.  His focus was improving his shot off the dribble.

“I practiced that a lot,” he said. “I tried to work on my dribbling more.”

Griffin established his varsity credentials last season. But he’s more confident and comfortable as a junior.

“The guys are older,” Griffin said. “I was young last year too. We had three sophomores that moved up, myself Trevin (Ladd) and Cody (Pritchard).”

Griffin is looking at being more of a leader this season.

“I’ll definitely be a shooter,” he said, adding that his favorite place to take a shot will be at the top of the key, the 3-point line.

Griffin anticipates shooting a lot of 3-pointers this season. The key to being an effective 3-point shooter is “just shoot a lot, when you have free time, even out of practice,” he said. “Just practice, practice, practice.”

Along with working on his dribbling, Griffin said he wanted to “take it to the basket more, being more aggressive.”

Griffin is confident his team is strong enough to beat the likes of expected league powerhouses McBain and Manton.

“We have to go 100 percent in practice,” he said.

Evart is home Friday against Central Montcalm.