Green, Reed City offense continues to chalk up points


REED CITY — Jon Green and the Reed City Coyotes realize there’s still plenty of work to be done.

But the Coyotes were very impressive Friday night in a 42-7 win over Chippewa Hills in improving their record to 6-0.

Green had 124 yards of rushing with runs of 56 and 57 yards. It was a night of big plays for RC.

“We like to get things rolling right from the beginning,” he said.

The game was delayed by a half hour because of pregame thunderstorms and a heavy downpour for 10 minutes in the second quarter, making for a wet field. Green admitted there was some concern a wet field would hamper the passing attack.

“That’s why we have pass and run,” he said. “If the pass is gone, we have the run game to fall back on.”

It was 34-7 at halftime. Chip Hills entered the game at 3-2 and some observers expected a closer affair.

“We came in ready to go thinking it was going to be a tough game like they always are,” Green said. “We gave it to them, went up by four touchdowns.”

The Coyotes continue to pose so many threats on offense with Green, Andre Jones, Collin Hatfield and others carrying the ball and quarterback Chad Samuels with his running and passing skills.

“We like to have enough weapons so if they stop something, we can hit them with something else,” Green said.

Consecutive wins over Newaygo, Lakeview and Chippewa Hills gives his team “a lot of confidence,” Green said, adding that this Friday at Hesperia, “we’ll go in like we always do, thinking they’ll be a tough team and giving everything we’ve got.”

But to stay undefeated, the Coyotes need to keep “going hard to the whistle and never give up,” Green said.