Great Northern shoot makes stop at Reed City

REED CITY — The Great Northern National Skeet Shoot made a stop over the weekend at the Reed City Sportsman Club with Morley’s Tanner Havens being among the divisional winners.

The shoot was among the scheduled events on the Michigan Skeet Association’s year-long shoot calendar.

Richard Nethers, RC sportsman club president, said the events Saturday and Sunday involved having participants shoot 100 rounds of .410, .82, 20, 12 and doubles over the two-day period.

“It’s open to anybody,” Nethers said. “You have to be a member of the skeet association. They’re competing against each other.”

Hunter Berinski of Greenville won the .28 shoot with a 99 score. He also took the .12 gauge shoot with a 98. Havens won the 20 gauge category with a 98 score.

Dan Hankerson of Grand Rapids won the doubles with a 97. Terry Erclotz of Rockford took the .410 division with a 95.

Nethers, who has been club president three years, notes that the club has open shooting every Sunday. It’s open to anybody from 9 a.m. to whenever. It’s open year-round every Sunday.

The club has two registered trap shoots each year.

The club has been at its current location, just off of U.S. 10 since the early 1940s, Nethers noted. The Baldwin Ducks Unlimited chapter recently completed a shoot at the grounds.

The facility also includes a rifle and handgun range. “They’re pretty much shot on the same range,”

In the fall, we have what’s called the chicken shoot. Or prizes are chickens.”

Nethers is an active hunter for deer, turkey and small game. Outside the state, he hunts antelope in Wyoming.

As for small game locally, “Rabbits are down a little bit,” Nethers said. “Partridge are down. But there’s a lot of squirrels.”

Nethers also fishes occasionally. This week, he was scheduled to be in South Dakota hunting prairie dogs, a venture he’s taken more than 20 times.

A mountain lion hunt is a venture Nethers indicated he’d eventually like to take.

“I’ve been to Africa once and Alaska twice,” he said. “I’ve been elk hunting two or three times.”