Grant hands Reed City CSAA boys soccer loss

REED CITY — It’s been easy for Reed City’s boys soccer team to get that first goal of the game.

But dominating the action after that has been another matter.

Seth Phelps opened the scoring for Reed City (0-8, 2-14) in Monday’s Central State Activities Association game against Grant (6-3, 7-4).

But the Tigers exploded for the next nine and ended the game at halftime, 9-1, on the mercy rule.

“We started off slow, but then we came on and started playing our game,” Grant coach Ron White said. “We have a young team. We only have four seniors and a majority of them are sophomores and freshmen.”

Cesar Hernandez notched Grant’s ninth goal with less than two minutes to play in the first half.

Dakota Arsenault had three goals for Grant while Christopher Barendreght and Miguel Ciseneros added two apiece. Tyler Naffziger also had a goal.

“That team mercied us at Grant too,” Reed City coach Doug Emington said. “I see the boys in practice and I see the strides they’ve made on the field. Not everybody knows that. Some of the people in the crowd probably noticed we’ve passed the ball better than we have in a long time. We’ve been working hard in stringing together passes. I witnessed that in the first half. It’s like a different team.”

Phelps got the Coyotes off to a good start.

“The wind was coming out of the southeast,” Phelps said. “My team shot real fast and it hit off the backboard and it came through everyone. I grabbed it, took it to the right side of the field. It had just enough backspin on it that ,the wind grabbed it, it hit the post and went it.”

Javi Jasso was the winning goalkeeper.

Silas Schultz was keeper for Reed City.

“We played good, but we need to get tighter on the other guys,” Schultz said.

“We’ve come a long ways for a young team,” Phelps said. “I’m very impressed with them.”

“Despite the score, we’re not hanging our heads,” Emington said. “We’re looking at the future.”

Reed City is at Kent City on Wednesday in CSAA action. The Coyotes lost to the Eagles in a shootout earlier this season.