Gostlin sparks Pine River at goaltender spot

Josh Gostlin
Josh Gostlin

LEROY -- He’s a goalie-come-lately. But Josh Gostlin has been making some timely saves for the Pine River Bucks as goalkeeper and wouldn’t mind turning in a few more key plays for the Bucks before calling it a season.

It’s Gostlin’s senior season but he only became a goalie six weeks ago.

“I wanted it my junior year and I knew this year that I had to practice this summer,” he said.

He told new Pine River coach Jenny Hoaglund he wanted to be the goalkeeper.

“I took lessons from a private tutor to hone in my skills,” Gostlin said. “I think I’ve played above the level where I was when I started.”

The biggest challenge as a goalie, Gostlin said, is his height since he’s 5-5, meaning he’s not tall enough to make certain leaping catches.

“I’m a very quick adapter and also talk to my defense,” he said. “I feel our team is doing a very good job. We’ve been talking as we continue to work as a team instead of against each other.”

The Bucks have struggled for wins in the past but seem to be getting the job done this season.

“I want us to have a positive record and grow and make sure we’re a team next year and it’s just going to be phenomenal,” he said. ”I would want nothing more than next year’s team to go undefeated.”