Girls have success during youth hunt

Sarah Emington finally decided to do what her dad and two sisters have done before and it would appear she’s happy she did.

The junior at Reed City High School was among the successful hunters in the state’s two-day youth hunt Sept. 22-23.

She also plays for the Reed City girl soccer team. But last, Saturday morning, hunting was very much on her mind.

“My dad wanted me to hunt with him and my little sister had gone last year,” Emington said. “My older sister had done it once before. I wanted to try it. It’s something I wanted to do.”

She hunted with dad, Doug. Her older sister, Danielle, bagged a button buck and her youngest sister, Liza, got a doe in previous youth hunts.

Emington bagged her deer around 7:16 a.m. She was hunting on private land owned buy her grandfather in the Hersey area.

“We woke up really early so we could get out there,” she said. “We didn’t notice the deer walking up but all of a sudden, we saw it there. It was at least 115 yards away. My sister (Liza) was along too and was trying to get a buck. We realized it didn’t have antlers so they told me it was my shot.

“It was farther than I had ever practiced shooting. I had tried from 110 and didn’t hit right on when I was practicing. So I was kind of nervous because I hadn’t shot that before. But I realized I had to shoot it sometime. My fingers were getting really cold. I had been looking for a long time. I sister and dad told me ‘you’ve got it. Good job.”

The deer advanced eight yards and then fell, Emington recalled.

She was using a .30-30 Winchester.

“At first it didn’t really seem real, I couldn’t believe it happened,” Emington said. “Once I saw it, that’s when I was excited and shaking a little bit.”

Another successful area hunter was Meghan Borst of Reed City. She bagged an 8-point buck with 12-inch spread.