Girls basketball teams open practice season

REED CITY — Volleyball season has ended and most basketball squads are taking over action in the gymnasiums.

Teams will practice for three weeks, with scrimmages, before opening their seasons the first week of December.

Coach Brian Koopman returns for another season at Reed City. He indicated on Sunday he basically knows his team’s lineup.

“I have some JV kids I might look at coming up,” he said. “I’m not sure yet.”

Most of his varsity girls also worked with Koopman during the summer season.

“We’ll get right into things,” Koopman said. “We’ll get into skills and drills and a lot of conditioning right away, getting everything in and reviewing it with the kids. I have seven seniors coming back. They pretty much know the routine. I have three juniors I need to look at and work with and get them up to pace at the varsity level. I have some sophomores we’ll see if they can fit in or not.”

Starters back are Karah Hensel and Natalie Westhoff plus girls with a lot of playing time from last season including Kayla Davis, Jacolyn Mullins, Kendra Repo and McKenzie Switzer. The Coyotes will have two or three scrimmages before the season starts.

Coach Shawn Ruppert’s Pine River squad is coming off a Highland Conference and Class C district title winning season.

Kassy Nelson is among the top returning players for the Bucks and the only starter that is back.

Ruppert was anticipating between 10 to 12 players. Most of them have been in the summer program, Ruppert noted. There are scrimmages set at Morey courts this Saturday and at Clare later in the month.

“We’ll get the conditioning in and a lot of drill work, especially on defense,” Ruppert said. “We’ll work hard on that. You have to work hard on offense too, running the floor and a lot of full court drills where we get out and run.”

Evart has a new coach with Paul Higgins who worked with around 20 players on both JV and varsity levels his first day. Players back include Kristin Kullman, Tabby Turley and Mara VanOrder.