Getts having success with hunting and fishing

REED CITY -- Terry Getts, of the Reed City Sportsman Club has been having fun with his outdoor talents this year.

He caught a 15-pound steelhead in the spring at Croton Dam using spawn drift fishing.

"At Chippewa Lake in the channels, we fished all over the summer, at least three days a week," he said.

As for shooting sports, he won the Zone 2 Class C shot at Reed City. He and his hunting partners shot 21 geese on the second day of the early season.

"That's just some of the things we've been doing this year." Getts said. "We slowed down on the fishing now and are into hunting geese. (By mid-September), I am going to the Upper Peninsula brook trout fishing. We re going to fix up our deer blinds and maybe do some goose hunting. We love hunting and fishing the great outdoors.

"We hunt all over Michigan. We have gone to Canada and Colorado hunting elk and moose. I killed one elk in 1998 but not a moose yet."