Geer reflects on season as Pine River’s No. 1 cross country runner

LEROY — It was a memorable season for Pine River’s Mark Geer who was the Bucks’ No. 1 cross country runner this fall as a junior.

He’s been running cross country five years. As of midseason, he hadn’t improved from last year.

“This year has been a slow year for me,” he said. “It’s just one of those years.”

Pine River had a coaching change coming into the season and didn’t have a full boys squad until later.

“I’d like to go to state and beat 17 minutes,” Geer said midway in the season. “The start is what kind of gets me.”

His personal record would be an 18:28.9 from the Division 3 regional meet at Shepherd to end the season. He finished 33rd and wasn’t able to qualify for the state final.

Geer indicated the ending of the race is usually his strength.

For awhile, the Bucks didn’t have a full scoring team until more runners appeared.

“Having a team, I’m trying to do something for the team,” Geer said. “It gives me (another) reason to run.”

Geer also runs track, but he indicated cross country is more challenging.

“You have to go up and down the hills,” he said.

But cross country is more fun.

“You get to look at things and there’s more scenery,” he said.