Gatt sparks Pine River girls in senior season


LEROY  — Cayman Gatt has been having a strong season for the Pine River girls basketball team, which is among the reasons the girls squad has fired out to a 9-1 record and is leading the Highland Conference.

“We’re finding the open person a lot better than what we did at the beginning of the season,” Gatt said. “And we made the extra pass.”

After losing the season opener to Reed City, the Bucks have marked off nine straight wins and have shown obvious improvement.

“We get better every game,” Gatt said. “It’s working together. We’ve played together for so long. We’ve spent a lot of time on defense.”

Gatt. a senior, is in her third varsity season. Her role is basically the same. Defense remains her specialty along with passing. But she has also been scoring effectively for her team. She netted 10-first period points in a 64-24 win last week over Pine River. Working on scoring remains a priority.

“Sometimes other teams are taller and bigger,” Gatt said. “We seem to be faster.”

Going into Saturday’s game at Beal City, which the Bucks won, Gatt realized her team would face a height disadvantage. Running would be a top priority.

“That’s what we’ll have to do against most teams,” she said.