Gamble-Brown looking to ovecome injury

REED CITY — Joelynn Gamble-Brown is looking to stay healthy and cut her times the rest of the season for the Reed City’s cross country team.

Gamble-Brown has been the No. 1 runner for the Coyotes, but it’s been a challenging season.

“It’s not as I planned,” she said. “At the beginning, I had a stress fracture in my (right) leg. I started back at 24 (minutes). It’s not going as well as I want it too. It’s not 100 percent totally but it’s getting better.”

It’s the third varsity season for Gamble-Brown, a junior.

“This year has slowed me down,” she said, adding her injury also curtailed any off-season work she had planned.  “I’m slowly getting there.”

Her best time was 22:09 as a sophomore.

“I’m down to 23:25, that’s my best right now,” she said. “I want to get back to the 22s. Hopefully, I can get back to 100 percent and give it my all.”

Gamble-Brown indicated the strongest part of her race is her beginning. She wants to improve on her second mile.

Reed City has a full girls team this fall.

“We’re doing pretty good this year,” Gamble-Brown said. “We have a couple of girls that are getting quicker every meet.”

Warmer weather now seems to have been replaced by cooler temperatures for cross country meets.

“I like a little cold, not hot, but kind of in the middle,” she said. “The wind is the biggest factor.”

“Joelynn did well,” Coach Brad Smith said. “She’s been running pretty consistent despite her injury.”