Fulks giving offense key boost for Pine River


LEROY — Brandon Fulks and his Pine River football teammates have plenty of memorable plays they can recall from the regular season, which has resulted in a 6-3 record and playoff spot.

There will probably be a few more before the season ends.

But perhaps none will be more memorable than the first play of the year.

That’s when Fulks ran the opening kickoff 70-plus yards for a touchdown in a 39-6 win over Kalkaska.

“I remember thinking to get a touchdown,” he said. “That was my mindset the whole time.”

When he saw the first hole open, Fulks realized he was long gone.

Some of his teammates have acknowledged that a play like that especially got the team fired up and instantly set the stage for the game.

“It does a lot because after that, our defense played very well,” Fulks said. He and other backs have also had some explosive runs during the season.

The offensive line, Fulks said, “has been doing pretty well. The first two games were (two of) our best games.”

The Bucks didn’t score as many points in their losses to Beal City and Godwin Heights, although they had 20 and 21 respectively. They got back in style recently with the 42-14 victory over Lake City.

“We have to come off of the ball and block well,” Fulks, who has also been playing defensive back, said.

The Bucks struggled to a 32-0 deficit at halftime to Beal City, but outscored the Aggies 20-6 in the second quarter.

“We changed our defense and our corners moved closer,” Fulks said. “We actually put three linebackers in, actually outside linebackers.”

The Bucks, 6-3, will be in the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

“We have to play hard the whole time,” Fulks said.

The first three games the Bucks were able to overcome their mistakes, Fulks said, noting that in the fourth game, the miscues weren’t as much of a problem.

In a 16-6 win over Evart for homecoming, Fulks scored both touchdowns for the Bucks.