EVART — Friday nights are meant for golf as far as David and Noreen Steele of Evart are concerned.

They play together in the Friday Couples League at Spring Valley Golf Course. They have been in Evart for 15 years. David plays in the Monday Masters League and also in leagues on Sunday and Thursday. He walks the course on Wednesdays.

The couples league, with Cathy Sleger serving as secretary, goes until Sept. 23. The Sunday Scramble league, with Rex Knuth as secretary, features foursomes and goes until Sept. 25. The Monday League, with Don McGreehan as secretary, is open to men 55 and older, and goes until Sept. 26.

The Thursday gathering is a men’s league.

Steele is from the Lansing area and is retired from General Motors. He and his wife spend several months at Fort Walton Beach, Fla. They golf down there as often as possible.

“I work at a municipal course in Fort Walton,” he said. “They have two 18-hole courses. I’m a marshall six hours a week.”

Noreen Steele has played the sport about 40 years and said she got interested through her husband. She recalls playing several courses in the Lansing area. Spring Valley is the main one she plays in while living in the Evart area.

When he plays golf, Steele, who is 75, laughs while insisting he doesn’t have any strengths. His wife says chipping is her strength.

Steele’s best nine hole score is a 40 at Spring Valley. It’s somewhere in the low 50s for Mrs. Steele.

The only league Noreen Steele focuses on while living in Evart is the Friday couples gathering.

“I make a lot of good friends,” she said.