Freshman making big strides for Reed City volleyball program

REED CITY — A young Reed City volleyball team has featured several promising first-year players including freshman Madalynn Brown.

She recalls finding out she would be playing on the varsity team on the last day of tryouts.

She entered tryouts not quite sure of her chances of being on varsity.

“I was kind of nervous to be playing with the upperclassmen,” she said. “I knew it would be all right.”

There’s another freshman on the team with Alison Duddles, a combination, which Brown said, is helpful for her.

Brown is in the back row as a passer.

In junior high, Brown played leftside hitter and back row, both in the seventh and eighth grades.

“I can hit the ball fast and it doesn’t take me long to catch on to stuff while I’m playing,” she said. “The speed of the game has been a really big transition from the seventh and eighth grade.”

Brown has been working on her passing and hitting.

“We’ve gotten a lot better since our first tournament,” Brown said. “We need to work on talking. Our passing and hitting is getting a lot better.”

Reed City is at the Shepherd Invitational on Saturday.