Fowler off to strong start for Reed City



REED CITY - Austin Fowler has gotten off to a solid start for Reed City's wrestling team, and is expected to have a strong season or the Coyotes.

He's coming off an all-conference season in football.

It's his senior season. A highlight as a junior was making it out of districts when he was seeded fourth.

"I ended up not making it to state," he said. "I'm not here to play around. I'm here to wrestle."

Fowler's record last season was 30-10.

"I'm not just planning on being a state qualifier," Fowler said. "I'm planning on going for a medal. I want to make it (to Ford Field). I'm going to get my 100th win. I think I have 27 more (as of preseason).

"I'm not taking anybody lightly. Last year, it messed me up because I thought I wasn't that great and I'd go into thinking I had a chance. But got three periods with a state qualifier. Prior to the match, I was thinking I already lost. This year, I'm going out there to wrestle."

Fowler is confident in his work from the bottom.

"When I'm on the bottom, there's nobody who's going to keep me down," he said.

Fowler will be at 189 or 215.

"Our team is doing a lot better than I thought we were going to," he said "We're green, but we have a chance to make it a lot farther this year than any team has in Reed City history."

Reed City will be at the Kalkaska Invitational on Saturday.