Fournier, Wildcats confident of having future success

EVART — Tina Fournier is among the Evart players providing key roles for the Wildcats this year while trying to help the team enjoy some late season success.

Fournier and the Wildcats have had some tough losses lately while seeking that first win. Early last week, they dropped a close game to a good McBain Northern Michigan team.

“We came out and played to our ability,” she said. “We played hard. When we did our man press, that was better than when we did with our 1-2-2.”

Time eventually ran out on the Wildcats.

“The little things we have to take care of,” Fournier said. “We played a lot better (the second time against McBain NMC). We played harder than we did (the first time). We’ve been trying to come out and play as hard as we did. But we played really hard (NMC), more than normal. But we have to come out and play like this every game.”

Fournier notes that her role is to be a leader “and make sure we’re where we’re supposed to be on offense and defense. We’ve improved a lot more (in recent weeks) than when we first started.”

The Wildcats have two more weeks left in the regular season before playing in the Class C districts at Beal City. The goal for every team is to be playing its best by district time.

“We’re trying to keep it up for districts so we can come out and win,” Fournier said.