Former Reed City softball player set for second season at MCC

REED CITY — Lindsey Greer has one season of college softball in the books and is looking forward to the second one.

Greer, a former Reed City standout, recently completed her freshman softball season at Muskegon Community College.

MCC’s season ended at the regional tournament with a loss to Kellogg CC in Columbus, Ohio.

MCC finished the tournament with a 2-2 loss record and a 40-14 overall mark.

“I ended up pulling my quad in my right leg during winter,” Greer said. “I ended up not batting. I was mainly a flex player. I was a catcher. I didn’t bat because they didn’t want me running.

“There was actually three catchers so all of us were put into different situations. I was put in a lot of times for throwdowns if they were stealing. It went well. I learned a lot. It’s a whole different level. In college, you’re playing at a tougher level. In high school, our coaches called all of our pitches and plays and everything. In college, I had to learn a lot of that as a catcher. I was kind of a captain of the infield. There’s only a few times in certain situations where my coach would call it. Other than that, I pretty much called the games.”

Once a week, Greer would meet in a classroom with her team and coaches.

“We would talk about the mental game,” she said. “We worked on more of the mental game. In college, everyone kind of has the physical stuff down. There’s not a lot of change there. It’s more about changing the mental part of the game. We learned how to do routines and stuff like that when we were hitting.”

Each pitcher was different on their best pitches.

“My coach scouted other teams so we had an idea on how girls (from the opponents) would hit,” Greer said.

She’s working and practicing this summer.

“At the end of the season, I got voted team captain,” Greer said. “I’ve had to take on that role this summer. I need to make sure the incoming freshmen are getting all set with their classes.”

Greer predicted that the Jayhawks will again be a winning team.

“We have 11 returners,” she said. “A few of those were actually starters for us last year. We have a good sophomore group coming back. From what I’ve seen of the freshmen, it looks like we have a good group there too. We have a lot of players. It will be tough to get into the lineup when only nine play at a time.”

Greer worked with a trainer last season and is working to get back up to full speed.