Former Pine River wrestler puts on clinic

Kyle Nixon (right)
Kyle Nixon (right)

LEROY — Kyle Nixon remembers what it was like when he was at wrestler at Pine River and collegiate athletes came to the school for various clinics.

Nixon, now a wrestler at Davenport University, decided to return the favor by having a day-long wrestling clinic at Pine River recently.

Nixon was an all-conference and all-state wrestler and an all-conference football player at Pine River. He attended Southwest Minnesota State and then transferred his wrestling skills to Davenport in Grand Rapids. He’s faced injuries in recent seasons. He was 11-17 with four pins and 32 takedowns for the 2015-16 season. He’s majoring in business at Davenport.

Hayden Cregg, a former wrestler at Holton, who is also wrestling at Davenport, was with Nixon at the Pine River camp.

The focus this year was on Pine River wrestlers.

“We try to give back a little bit,” Nixon said. “Hayden and I are both getting into the end of our competing careers and we’re just trying to give back.”

Davenport is entering the Division II level and Nixon is hoping to stay healthy for his final season. He had around a dozen wrestlers and a six-hour session the first day and then a brief session the next morning, and two more Davenport wrestlers were scheduled to participate.

Pine River coach Tim Jones said the college camp was the biggest event for the wrestling program.

“The football team comes in and lifts,” Jones said. “An hour before each lift on Monday and Thursday, we open the room for anyone who wants to come in and wrestle for awhile.”