LEROY - Paula Justin established her reputation in the 1980s as an All-State girls basketball player at Pine River (as Paula Peterson) and went on to a strong collegiate career at Northwood.

She's retired as a teacher from Reed City in business and social studies, but Peterson has taken over the head varsity basketball duties at Pine River.

The Bucks have gotten off to an 0-2 start.

Justin takes over a team which didn't win a game last year, but in the past has enjoyed championship success.

She graduated from high school in 1982 and played four years at Northwood.

Her first coaching job she had was varsity in Pine River in 1987 and she also had the job in 1995.

Her daughters, Jamie and Julie, played at Pine River in recent years.

"I've coached every level from junior high all the way up," Justin said. "I've coached on an off over the years. I coached both Jamie and Julie in junior high basketball."

Justin also coached junior high and JV basketball at Reed City.

There's 23 girls on the high school level. Both daughters are helping her on the varsity level.

"I'm excited," Justin said. "It wasn't something I really planned on. I was open and I talked to my girls and they both wanted to help out.

"So far it's going pretty good."