Former Pine River athlete shines for Ferris track

Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris

BIG RAPIDS — Lucas Harris was a talented three-sport athlete at Pine River, but couldn’t imagine giving up sports totally when he went to Ferris State.

So the former Pine River soccer, basketball and baseball player decided to do a sport on the collegiate level which he’s didn’t perform in during his prep years: indoor and outdoor track.

Harris is in his junior season with the Bulldogs. He said he walked on as a sophomore.

“I needed something, going from three sports at Pine River to here,” he said. It was awful and was hard for me to transition and do nothing. I needed to push myself, and track seemed like the best idea to do it.

“I emailed the coach and came to tryouts.”

Last season, he ran the 200 and 400 dashes, plus the 4 by 4 relay.

“Last year, I think I PRed every meet and this year I’ve PRed every meet,” Harris said.

The 400, he ran a 51.2 seconds in December. For the 200, his best time has been 23 seconds.

Ferris has an outdoor track but not an indoor facility. Track athletes use the Ewigleben Sports Complex and other facilities to prepare for the indoor season.

“We make it work,” Harris said. “We’ll use sidewalks and hills and use the facilities here to make ourselves better.”

His mom, Shari Maus, played volleyball and basketball at Big Rapids High and volleyball at Ferris.

Harris said he does not regret playing high school baseball over track.

“I don’t think I would have liked running as much as I do now,” he said.