Former Pine River athlete now focuses on officiating


LEROY — Chelsea Nelson played three sports when she was at Pine River before graduating in 2012. She’s now a student at Ferris State University but the former basketball, volleyball and softball standout is staying in the sports scene in a unique way.

Nelson has registered with the Michigan High School Athletic Association as a volleyball official and basketball referee. She’s hoping to stay busy in both capacities.

She went through the registration process with the Cadillac Area Association. She worked a some three-on-three tournaments last year, but is looking to work games and matches this year. She said she’s eligible to work at any level.

“I’ll stick with junior high and JV before I go to varsity,” she said.

Nelson will be living in Pine River while attending school at Ferris. She said she doesn’t have a partner yet.

“We have a meeting in August of the association, to figure that out,” she said.

Her uncle, Jerry Nelson, is among the other MHSAA officials from the Pine River area. He works volleyball, basketball and softball games.

Of the two sports, Nelson figures basketball might be more challenging to adjust to as an official. “There’s so many more rules and certain areas you watch on the court all the time,” she said. “Volleyball you’re standing there and you have another partner watching another side of the court.”