Former Evart athlete keeps busy at college level



EVART - Christian Booher, a 2019 graduate of Evart, where he was a three-sport athlete, has been keeping busy working at Spring Valley Golf Course during the summer while getting ready for his sophomore academic season at Central Michigan University.

Booher is a journalism major at Central and has worked in sports with the student newspaper, covering collegiate sports. He may be covering football in the fall.

"My one year there has been pretty cool covering all those sports," he said. "The plan was for me to work this summer at CM Life (student newspaper). But due to budget restrictions, I could not do that. So I had to find a job. I thought why not work at a golf course. I heard there was a golf opening out, so I reached out to Carol (Semeyn) and she gave me a job. My hours fluctuate.

"I honestly do a little of everything. I wash the carts for the leagues and will go around the course, whatever they need me to do. I'll usually work four to seven hours. That's usually four to five days a week."

Booher keeps in contact with the Evart football program. A month ago, when the issue of a fall football season was being discussed, Booher offered some comments on the issue.

"I'm hoping they'll be able to have a football season at some point," he said. "I think it would be kind of unique if they had it in the spring. Football is football, in my opinion."

At Evart, Booher was a tight end and defensive back. He was an outfielder in baseball and played guard-forward for basketball.

Evart does not have golf as a sport, but Booher does play the game.

"It's a really beautiful course out there," he said. "I really enjoy playing it. I don't know a ton about golf but it's fun to get out there and play."

His dad Chad, is the Evart football stat guy. His grandfather Darwin Booher is a retired state senator.