Area resident stays involved in his love for fishing and hunting

EVART — Fishing and hunting. Quite simply, area resident Bill Renshaw loves them both. Renshaw has lived in his current Barryton-Evart home since 1964. “I used to fish quite a little,” Renshaw said. “I used to do a lot of steelhead fishing on the Old Manistee and then on the Pere Marquette and then on the White River.” Trout fishing in the area also was a popular pastime for Renshaw. “I’d walk from one bridge to the next, it would take five to six hours,” he said, while adding with a chuckle, “I don’t do that anymore either. I do a little bluegill fishing.“ Renshaw contends that the fish have been biting in recent weeks. “They’re spawning a little bit now,” said Renshaw. Ice fishing has been another popular activity for Renshaw in recent years. Despite a very mild winter in which there wasn’t much snow, Renshaw ventured to Chippewa Lake and Martiny Chain of Lakes a few times. “I shot a 25-pound carp last year out of (Chippewa Lake),” he said. “Most people don’t know there were any in it.” He mentioned Evans Lake, especially for bluegills, as the lake where he’s caught the most fish. Recently, Darwin Booher, state senator of Evart, introduced a bill that was passed to allow fishing with crossbows. “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Renshaw said. “I shoot with a regular compound bow. that’s what I shot the carp with.” He was born north of Barryton and then his family moved to Lansing for a few years. He moved back to the area in 1960 and later bought his farm. He worked in the woods for 15 years and later started the Adult Foster Care home, which he and his wife, Betty, still have with two residents. They’ve had the ADC home since 1967. He still has someone doing the farming for him. His fields include corn and soybeans. “When you get older you get lazier,” he smiled. But deer hunting is still something that draws Renshaw’s energies. He noted that he doesn’t hunt small game as much as he did in the past. “I still go bow hunting for deer,” he said. “I go out west (nearly) every year for elk, with a bow.” Renshaw has been a member of the Barryton Conservation Club since 1980 and served as president at one time. “We have a lot of members from Detroit and some of the big cites who come up and zero their guns in,” he said. At one time, he was a hunter safety instructor and still serves in that capacity. Renshaw admits that his interest in hunting and fishing started as a child. Not much has changed since. “I’ve hunted and fished all my life,” he said.