Flyers get the job done for Evart cheerleaders



EVART - The flyer is a critical position on the competitive cheer team.

It's a simple reason why Madison Hunt and Maddie Cook were a valuable part of the Evart competitive cheer team.

Hunt was a sophomore in the second year of high school cheer and seventh overall.

The season was delayed for COVID-reasons and didn't start with contact until Feb. 8. But the Wildcats did get a season.

"It's hard, obviously, especially with the mask," Hunt said. " But it's fun, it's challenging."

As a flyer, Hunt goes up in the air during round 3.

"It can be very nerve wracking, but once you get used to it, it gets more comfortable," she said.

Round 3 was usually strong for the Wildcats, Hunt indicated. The second round needed some work.

Cheer is her only sport. Hunt is hoping to be able to get more offseason work on the sport this year. Last season, with COVID problems, off season sports were limited.

Maddie Cook was a freshman flyer and this was her fourth year overall with competitive cheer.

"My older sister did it and I kind of fell in love with it," she said.

Cook said she has improved.

"Being extremely tight" is the key to being a good flyer, Cook said.

The flyers go up in the air and need to have confidence in their teammates.

"Especially as a flyer, you have to trust your teammates," Cook said.

She agreed with Hunt that waiting more than two months for the season to start was tough.

"It was extremely frustrating," Cook said. "There were a lot of things you could do. You couldn't stunt at the beginning of the year. We learned all of our stunts and everything before our first competition. It was extremely hard."

Having a season was a satisfactory achievement, she added.

Cook also does softball and works with horses.

"I love horses so much," she said. "Cheer is mentally and physically challenging."