Are you looking for great places to go fishing? Or are you an avid angler who wants some inside information? Check out the various fishing-related maps available online to help in your angling adventures!

Inland Lake Maps

There are more than 11,000 lakes in Michigan – and the DNR has maps for 2,700 of them! These maps can help with inland lake fishing efforts and highlight shore features, vegetation and other water body specifics. To access, visit the Inland Lake Maps by County webpage.

Inland Trout and Salmon Regulations Maps

These maps assist anglers in locating waters that contain trout and salmon and the regulations that apply to those waters. To access, visit the 2017 Inland Trout & Salmon Regulation Maps webpage.

Trout Trails

Find excellent, biologist-verified trout waters in Michigan that are often lesser known through the online Trout Trails application. To access, visit

Roadmap to Fishing Lake Michigan

Want to fish Lake Michigan but aren’t sure when and where to go? This “roadmap” provides information on many Lake Michigan ports, times of year when great fishing opportunities