Fishing slowing down significantly

Anglers are still catching a few

It's just about over for boat fishing.

It's just about over for boat fishing.

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Hunting has taken over the outdoor scene but there is some fishing taking place.

Locally, “it’s just been hunting,” Brad Cox at Buck Country Bait Store in LeRoy said. “I had a few guys going steelhead fishing at Tippy Dam and the Pere Marquette.”

“There’s not a ton of fishing going on in our area,” DNR conservation officer Angie Greenway said. “The salmon have run their course for the fall. There’s a few diehard fishermen who are out there. With the rivers dropping, people can’t get the boat in so there’s not much fishing going on. It will pick up when we get first ice on.”

Pier and shore fishing for steelhead and coho was hit and miss at Manistee, the DNR said. Anglers in the early morning hours performed the best. Most anglers were using spawn in bright colored bags the DNR said.

“They’re getting steelhead in the rivers,” Larry Scharich, of Shipwatch Marina said. “Panfishing is still good like in Lake Manistee. There has been a lot of fishing going on with all this wind we’ve been getting.”

Pier fishing was hit or miss at Ludington, the DNR said but some nice fish were caught on spawn.

“We’ve got a  little bit going,” a spokesperson at Captain Chuck’s in Ludington said. “They’re catching some perch at the PM. You have to wade through some small ones. If you can get on the big lake, trolling up and down the shoreline, they’re getting steelhead really good, a big lake trout and a few brown trout. The river has been OK at the PM for steelhead.

“Coming up this weekend with the weather we’ve got right not should really raise the water get them dirty and the steelhead should start hammering this weekend.”

“There’s perch fishing going on, but not much,” a spokesperson at the Backcast Flyshop in Benzonia said. “They’re fishing more down at Frankfort by the dam.”

At Petoskey, salmon were still slowly coming into the Bear River, the DNR said. Mainly Chinook were caught, but a couple coho were around as well. A couple of smaller steelhead were spotted in the river, the DNR added. Fish were caught upstream of the mouth mainly on spawn, flies and beads. 

Anglers at the mouth of the river were catching salmon on beads, spawn and crankbaits, the DNR added.

Anglers, at Harbor Springs, were catching smallmouth bass in the harbor.

Fishing Tip: Michigan’s Natural Rivers Program

Courtesy of the Michigan DNR

What do the Au Sable, Two Hearted, Kalamazoo and Huron rivers have in common? They are all state-designated Natural Rivers. Select river systems throughout Michigan are afforded protections through zoning regulations that aim to balance the right to reasonable development with preserving, protecting and enhancing the state’s unique rivers.

 Each additional foot away from the river a new home is built, each additional foot of riverside vegetation left intact, helps preserve Michigan’s world-class aquatic resources for current and future generations.