Fishing remains strong for anglers

PARIS - Fishing continues to be a successful venture locally as far as Wilderness Journal TV host Kyle Randall of Paris is concerned.

"Things are pretty good," he said. "Fishing is coming around. The heat wave broke and they're actually catching some nice salmon. The smallmouth in the Muskegon River are biting real well. I've been over to the Saginaw Bay and it's been a little too warm for walleye. They're doing some good bow fishing over there.

"There's some good activity going on. Since we lost the 90 degree heat, it's been real good. I will say the last few days the wind has turned over Lake Michigan. The guys and gals have had to search around to find the fish again. But from what I've heard (Thursday morning), that's starting to happen already."

The wildlife scene continues to be unique.

"There's lots and lots of deer," Randall said, "as I'm sure every auto insurance company and body shop can attest to. There's a lot of deer this year. I don't know how the hunter participation is going to be.

"I do know many people who talk to me in the general hunting public were hoping the DNR were going to change some of the restrictions back, but that doesn't appear to have happened. We'll go into the season and find out how many people will hunt. But there are plenty of deer to be hunted."

As for fall turkey hunting, "the turkeys look to be pretty good," Randall said. "The draw for that will be next week to see if you have a fall turkey permit if you put in for one. Things are looking pretty good. It will be interesting to see if we get an uptick in participation because of people staying closer to home."

Bear numbers have been spreading out, Randall said.

"I know of an individual who lives two miles of Big Rapids who had beehives close to his house and a bear tore them down and did plenty of damage," Randall said. "There's plenty of bears around."