Fishing remains slow on Lake County

BALDWIN — Fishing has been slow in Lake County.

“People are now fishing in some open water on the lakes,” Doug Loomis of Ed’s Sport Shop in Baldwin said. “We haven’t had much activity. The ice is still there. It’s just open around the shore. I hope it picks up, but I can’t support that from the people I’ve talked to.”

“Steelhead fishing is starting to pick up a little bit,” Adam Aikens of the Pere Marquette River Lodge said. “With all that rain, we should get some fresh fish to push up and it should keep getting better.”

There are plenty of diehards, but like Aikens said, “it’s hard to flyfish when it’s 15 degrees out there. Some of the steelhead stay in the water all winter. Steelhead fishing is picking up and will get better in March and April and steelhead fishing trails off in May and that’s when the trout fishing starts.”