Fishing action starting to slow down

Activity appearing to decrease in some areas

Fishing activity has been strong throughout the area. (File photo)

Fishing activity has been strong throughout the area. (File photo)

File Photo

BIG RAPIDS — Fishing action has apparently reached its summer peak and action appears to be slowing down somewhat.

In Mecosta County, Tanner Havens of Frank’s Sporting Good’s in Morley indicated action had slowed down a bit but activity was still good in various areas.

In northwest Michigan, at Ludington, the salmon action slowed down but a few Chinook, coho and steelhead were caught at Big Sable Point in 80 to 180 feet of water when fishing 40 to 80 feet down, the DNR said.

Also, fish were also caught straight out and south off the projects in 90 to 150 feet of water when fishing 30 to 80 down, the DNR added. Green and blue spoons were effective. The piers remained slow, but some perch moved in along the north pier.

“The weather is about to turn pretty nasty in a day or so,” Chase Kozlowicz of Captain Chuck’s in Ludington said on Friday. “I’m not sure how helpful it’s going to be. As of Thursday, I was out myself and found quite a few fish south in about 100 feet of water. The water is really bad. The temperature is just terrible. It’s about 65 degrees 50 feet down. The fish are sitting in it somehow.

“I was able to pull most of my fish up from 50 to 70 feet. I was running seven colors. Everything between 2.3 and 2.7 was a good speed for me. A lot of fishing have been sitting at the bottom.”

In Manistee, fishing was generally slow, the DNR reported, but a few Chinook, steelhead and lake trout were caught along the shelf both north and south of town, and south towards Big Sable Point in 100 to 200 feet of water when fishing 35 to 90 down.

The piers remained slow although some perch were observed along the north pier. Blue and green spoons worked best.

The Chinook numbers were beginning to pick up and anglers were finding Chinook out front and in the Herring Hole, the DNR said.

Anglers were trolling in 110 to 150 feet of water and setting up in the top 40 to 80 down. Glow spoons were getting the best action. Anglers reported 24+ pound Chinook in the early morning and at dusk. Anglers reported slowing speeds to 1.9 mph but worked to get a few hits.

Fishing Tip:

What’s this oily sheen in the water? If it shatters when you poke it with a stick, it’s likely due to natural bacterial processes. If it clings together, take a picture, note your location and report it to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy's Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS).