Fishermen battling the challenges of July

BIG RAPIDS — The warm weeks of July will be presenting various challenges to fishermen.

Fishing has been going well up in Osceola County.

“Bass are biting on Rose Lake,” said Craig Walters of The Eyes Have It. “I heard of a nice 12-inch perch getting caught today. Fishing’s going real good.”

Jay Drilling of Lake County said he fished with his granddaughter at Paradise Lake on Thursday. She struck it rich with bluegills.

“She loves to fish, I let her sit on the dock and let her fish,” Drilling said. “There’s always little fish around those docks, plain old fish. I don’t fish myself until the fall.”Depending on the type of fishing and the places where anglers are working, there have been mixed results.

“I went out once this week to Jehnsen lake in the evening,” said Jeff Greene of Rodney. “I fished in probably seven to eight feet of water and caught 12 really nice bluegills and pumpkin seeds.”

But Greene isn’t expecting the fishing to improve considering the time of year.

“The best fishing is over, until the fall,” he said. “Until the fall. you have to work harder for them.”

Bass fishermen in the area continue to thrive at various tournaments.

Randy Bleeker of Big Rapids fishes in tournaments every weekend.

“I fish with Marv Bowman and we fish three tournament trails the west side of the state,” Bleeker said. “We usually go at Muskegon, Spring Lake, Whitehall and Cadillac, Mitchell...where we’re going to (Saturday). There’s a couple of clubs running around here. There’s tournaments on Chippewa and


Bass “are always biting,” Bleeker said. “Somebody always finds them in the tournament. Normally half the group finds them and half the group struggles. Somebody comes in with a bag of fish.”