REED CITY -- Brittney Cooley of Paris and her dad Lee A. Cooley formed a dynamic combination during the summer in the Castaways Bass Fishing Club.

The club ended its regular season with a tournament at Hardy PondSaturday (Aug. 18). Brittney is a senior at Reed City High School.

They’ve been fishing together in the Castaway Club three years.

“I found it on the website,” Lee said. “They’re real good people...I used to fish for (other local groups).”

“The people make you feel welcomed,” Brittney said. “It doesn’t matter if you did bad or really good. They clap and cheer with you. It’s a real good group.”

They have won honors in various tournaments. The Tri Lakes of Round, Mecosta and Blue have been among the favorite spots for the Cooley anglers. Lees said the bass have been biting “pretty good” this summer and it’s been a successful year for them.

“You definitely need patience, That’s the No. 1 key,” Brittney said.

They both basically stick with bass when it comes to fishing and plan on doing it for awhile.

“What I liked about it this year is they started putting into a charity,“ Brittney said. “It puts a smile on our faces when we know we’re doing it for them.”

Lee also fishes in Florida in the spring.

Recent standings on the website indicated that the Cooleys had caught 23 bass during the season for a combined weight of 48.56 pounds.