Fasbender, Price place at state championship meet

COMSTOCK PARK — Reed City seniors Nate Fasbender and Hanna Price closed out their track and field careers by placing at the Division 3 state finals on Saturday at Comstock Park.

Fasbender was the defending state champion in the pole vault and took third place this year at 14-6. Jacob Battani, of Almont, (15-6) was first.

Reed City’s boys 4X100 relay team was fourth (44.10). Price was seventh in the 100-meter hurdles (16.11).

“This year has been a mentally toughening year,” Fasbender said. “I was sick for awhile in the beginning for about two weeks and had a stress fracture which occasionally bothers me. That limited the amount of running and jumping I can do.”

He shied away from setting a height goal prior to the meet.

“I’m going to go into it with an open mind and not have any aim for height wise and be happy with what I do,” he said.

Price went to the state meet happy with what she has accomplished this season.

“I had a big PR in the 100 hurdles, which is what I’ve been waiting for,” she said. “It was good for my confidence level, especially.”

Price also had a big season in the 100 dash and relays, but the hurdles was her top event.

“I’m hoping to go in and run my best and make it into finals, be confident and run as hard as I can,” she said. “Regionals was a big day for a lot of our athletes. I was happy with how I did that day.”